Mesh Developer Kits are live!


Are you a clothing, shoe or accessories creator?

With this kit, you will be able to create rigged or unrigged meshes that fit Achilles to a T.

Please follow this link for details:

Skin, Tattoo and Texture clothing creators, you can make your creations compatible with Achilles by simply making them into Omega Appliers !

You can find the free kit to start here

 Instructions here :

The Developer Kit includes rigged and unrigged files that include the body, all 8 hands and 3 feet. Files are .MA , .FBX, .DAE, .OBJ .

In the future it will also include the UVs for those who would like to create their texture Omega appliers with precision. (Skins, Tattoos, Underwear, Clothes, Nails). For that, you will simply need to check out the same link you will be provided after your application at a later date.

For any suggestions, please follow this link.

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