The Secret Affair & Treasure Chest Subscriber Box


Blackbird jacket in standard sizes and fitmesh , Creative Edition available as well!
Goggles and hat sold separately in the same event! You can wear them together or on their own, both are unrigged!

Opened November 15th, here’s your taxi !

Now it’s time to reveal the goodies of this month’s  Treasure Chest subscriber box!


What’s in the Stitched box:
Female + Male fitmesh ponchos with HUDs for 100% customization
Female + Male fitmesh fur add-ons for the ponchos, HUD customizable as well

These work with Maitreya for women and TMP for men as well as standard sizing shapes without any mesh body!

You can grab these and many other goodies by joining the group Treasure Chest SL secondlife:///app/group/6ffdef25-e8d2-42e5-e22e-bbb2b2d56bb5/about
Join the group before the 15th of each month for 50% discount and grab this teleport right here  to go to the Treasure Chest Headquarters to grab older boxes!


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