Achilles Features


  In a marketplace crowded with numerous incompatible brands, male avatars have had to buy several sets of clothing specific to only one body. The beauty of the classic avatar is that everything worked. The Achilles male body gives back that simplicity and compatibility coupled with the beauty and sophistication of mesh.

It just works.



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Achilles includes:

  • Mesh Body
  • Mesh hands in 8 poses (Stretched, Pointing, Gesture, Cigarette, Relaxed, Fist, Staff/Bag, Pistol)
  • Mesh feet in 3 poses (Flat, Stretched, High)
  • Fully featured HUD



  • Five (5) neck sizes corresponding to the 5 Standard Sizes
  • Alpha Options, for small and big portions of the body as well as 10 Save Slots
  • 10 skin colors, with or without body hair, and color the skin to your liking. You can do that through inserting R,G,B values in local chat as well as through the HUD and once you’re done, you have 10 Save Slots to use to your liking.
  • Choose between the different hands and feet and choose your preferred nail color.

 See for yourself !


 What else?

  • With your mesh body you will get 10 neck faders for a seamless transition, which you can color to your liking with a single look at the second tab of your HUD, where the R,G,B values can be found. You can download the textures and apply them to any mesh head you own, too!
  • Shoe-bases for your high and stretched feet.


15657704561_de5ede756a_q_dYou can use your Omega Appliers on the body right out of the box, without any Relay Kit or additional costs. You simply wear your applier HUD, click it and enjoy your skins/tattoos/clothes!


Standard Sizing Icon - Male


You can wear any mesh item that supports Standard Sizes with Achilles. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing, mesh heads, body parts.


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You can wear your SLink compatible shoes with Achilles. Alternatively, you can wear your SLink S hand and feet with Achilles.


Please find a full list of brands offering Achilles-compatible rigged or unrigged mesh items in the Creators List.

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