— How can I make my skins, nails, tattoos and applier clothing compatible with Achilles?

You can do that by getting a Developer Kit for Omega, instructions here. Not only will your mesh be compatible with Achilles but for many other mesh bodies out there, present and future! Tattoo creators please stay tuned ! We will be releasing single-arm tattoo applier scripts very soon for Achilles!

— Will my fitted mesh and standard sizing clothes work with this? What about my SLink-compatible shoes?

Yes! Achilles was modeled to work with all your existing standard sizing clothes (if you have adjusted your shape to those values) and fitted mesh (for the classic SL avatar). The flat feet work with your SLink compatible shoes too!

— I want to color my nails independently in each hand or between my hands and feet, how do I do that?

Attach the item you would like to apply the nails to, apply them and then attach the rest !

— I have all the layers visible and they glitch. What should I do?

We’re working on it! For now, try to keep unused layers invisible, using the 2nd tab in the HUD.

— There is some stretch on the abs/belly/collarbone, it’s ugly!

We’re working on it for the next update, it won’t be long!

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Features W.I.P.


— EPOS Tattoo Appliers that allow you to apply a tattoo on only one arm !

— Materials and Tinting in your Omega Appliers !

— Coloring nails independently from the body !

— Your own suggestions !