Resources License & Terms of Use

You must adhere to this license and Terms of Use in order to download the Achilles Mesh Body Resources. Failure to do so will result in full consequences pursuant to relevant law.

  You are free to :
• Download and use the offered resources to produce Achilles-compatible items for the Second Life platform. This includes but is not limited to : Clothes, shoes and accessories, rigged or not rigged.
• Sell your creations in the Second Life platform with no restrictions to their permissions. This means you can create full permission items/templates for Achilles as well.

  You can not :
• Share the download link with anyone.
• Distribute the offered resources anywhere.
• Sell the offered resources anywhere.
• Upload the offered resources anywhere.
• Use the offered resources for or in any other platform.

   You agree that:
• Your creations do not violate any other parties copyright and/or the Linden Labs Terms of Service.

  Commercial Affiliation:
• You are responsible to accept the invite to the in-world group for EPOS Mesh Creators
• You are responsible to join the Flickr Group and add your product images there.
• You are responsible to rez the EPOS’ logo in your mainstore or include the logo and a Teleport Script in your mainstore build.
• You are responsible to include EPOS’ SLurl in your Marketplace products made using these resources and offer a url to EPOS’ Marketplace.
• You are responsible to send EposHair Resident a Notecard that includes:

a. a square logo in full permissions
b. your Mainstore SLurl or Marketplace URL to be used in the website under Mesh Creators compatible with Achilles’ body and in-world at the EPOS mainstore.